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Advice on Contacting and Meeting People

At Holiday-Buddies we take every reasonable step to ensure undesirable characters do not gain membership and to ensure you remain in control of who you choose to talk with, meet and ultimately holiday with. The experience of being introduced to new people with similar interests, talking to them, gradually getting to know them and finally actually meeting is very rewarding and exciting. If you are apprehensive, that's good; it shows that you are a thinking, sensible and normal person. Just the sort of member we want.

People meet people all the time, at work, socially and through friends and family. We cope with these associations all the time. Some people we will choose to speak with again and others won't appear on the same wavelength, or may simply not feel right. The same is true of people that we might meet on-line, through chat-rooms, instant messaging or even email. We all make choices when we connect with someone for the first time.

The Internet opens up many more possibilities for us to meet new people but it also exposes us to the more undesirable characters that choose to be less honest. The Holiday-Buddies service reduces your exposure to such people through its membership scheme and by only making introductions between people who have similar interests. However, in the unlikely event that a rogue slips through the net, we recommend you exercise some basic precautions in the early days of getting to know someone. In particular:

Relax. Now enjoy yourself.


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