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You may apply for membership to Holiday-Buddies here if you are over 18. The information below will help you get the best from your membership; please read carefully. If you are looking for a gym-buddy, please complete Section A and C, and give details of your local gym, times when you want to go and any other information in the comments box on Section B.

Section A is about you. We need this information so that only bona fide applicants become members. We will not sell or give this information to anybody outside the organisation. Our Privacy Statement has more about how seriously we take this issue. Naturally, we do need to let other members, who match your holiday ambitions, know how to contact you. We let you choose how you would prefer they did this in the first instance. Of course, if you are happy with the introduction, you can provide them with alternatives as you get to know each other better. We also give you the option to make the first contact ('I initiate'), in which case none of your details will be passed to other members by us. However, we advise using this option sparingly because we will be unable to match two members with similar requirements if both have selected this option. We recommend either email or telephone as the best choice.

Section B is about the type of holiday or break that you are interested in, when you want to go away, and so on. We will use this information to select other members with similar interests that we can introduce you to. Some of the criteria will, for you, be an Essential requirement, others will will Highly Desirable, Desirable or Not Important. We ask that you prioritise each of the criteria to improve the likelihood of a successful introduction.

To make the most of your membership, be generous with the dates that you want to go away. If you are available to go away at any bank holiday for example, put this down. We will keep matching your request at every opportunity. You can also use this form to update your choices, so even if you are unsure of future plans, apply for membership now. To renew a 'Two Year Unlimited Introductions' membership, tick the 'current member' box and tell us your name in Section A and request renewal in the comments box.

Finally, note that whilst your information will be stored on computer, all the applications are processed by real people. We recommend you use this flexibility in specifying your requirements, it will increase the number of introductions we make. You can learn more about Holiday Buddies on our FAQs page, which has answers to many of the frequently asked questions.

A. About You
First Name:  Last Name:
Are you a current member?
Yes No
including Postcode:
Date of Birth:  Phone Number (day):
Gender:  Male Female Phone Number (eve):
   Email Address:
Preferred method for initial contact:  Post Phone (day) Phone (eve) Email I initiate


B. Your Holiday Requirements
Indicate the importance of the criteria to you in the right hand column.
Essential (Es), Highly Desirable (HD), Desirable (De), Not Important (NI).
What dates are you looking to go away? Es HD De NI
Roughly, how long for? (in days): Es HD De NI
Is this holiday or break for:  Just me Me and my partner Our family
Describe the type of activity, sport, hobby or interest for your holiday you would like to go on: Es HD De NI
In the activity described, are you: Experienced & competent Reasonably proficient
A beginner/novice
Would you like to go away with someone of: Similar standard It does not matter Es HD De NI
Would you like to go away with someone of: Similar age It does not matter
Same age or younger Same age or older
Do you want to be matched only with people of the same sex? Yes No Es HD De NI
Do you want to be matched only with someone who lives local? Yes No Es HD De NI
Membership will be for 2 years unless you enter an earlier alternative date here: 
Imagine you are lying on a beach. As you lay there, describe what you notice in under 100 words.
Please indicate any other factors that are important to you or add any general comments:


C. Security
Enter the characters you see here (case sensitive): XholXBud 

In submitting your details, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, please check them out if you haven't already done so. You may also wish to check out our Privacy Statement too and, if you have any final questions, visit our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

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