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Holiday Buddies helps you find like-minded individuals, couples, families or groups with whom you can share a holiday, short-break, vacation, long weekend or just get to know. Naturally we hope that you will go on to form long lasting friendships so that you can share your passion, hobby or interest with them time and time again. We cater for all sorts of interests; including: leisure pursuits, sports and recreational activities.

We all like taking breaks with our family but from time-to-time we also enjoy our own space and doing the things we like to do. More and more of us are keen to pursue these passions. Whether you are looking to go away on your own or with your family, if you want to find people who share your interests, Holiday Buddies is for you. Make new friends today.

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Holiday Buddies make it very easy for you to find someone, a couple, family or group that shares your interests. Just use the form to describe the type of break that you are seeking, when and how long for, your experience and a bit about yourself. We will match your request with other members that we think will provide you with companionship, a great break and a new friend - or friends.

Our involvement ends once we have made the introductions. This may seem daunting but we have found it is the best way for you to get to know each other and together arrange the holiday that reflects your personalities and experience in your sport or interest. We do provide plenty of advice on how to do this and trust you are now ready to Learn More about Holiday Buddies ... learn more

A recent survey* found that more people than ever are choosing to take a single-sex break without their partner. A quarter of us have done so in the last year and two-thirds of Britons are more likely to take a single-sex trip than they would have 5 years ago. Stag and hen parties are very popular but many people just want to catch up with friends, participate in activities that their partner has little interest in, or want to get over a relationship problem. *Survey carried out by Halifax Travel Insurance and published 10 April 2007.

Now including Gym-Buddies. Help each other stay fit and healthy. Share the pain and the gain. Warning - Gym Buddies can become life-long friends!