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Respecting Your Privacy

Here at Holiday-Buddies we ask you for the minimum amount of information commensurate with identifying a suitable companion and ensuring that only bona fide applicants are accepted as registered members.


Holiday-Buddies itself does not use cookies. It may be necessary to introduce their use for a more sophisticated online registration and payment process in the future but we will ensure the use of cookies is kept to a minimum, they are expired as soon as possible, and they are not made available to third party organisations.

However, most of the advertisers we link to use cookies. Google provides us with advertising facilities such as Adwords and tools to help us analyse how effective this advertising is. To achieve this, Google places a cookie on a user's computer when he/she clicks on one of our AdWords ads. Then, if the user reaches one of our conversion pages, the cookie is connected to our web page. When a match is made, Google records a successful conversion. The cookie added by Google expires in accordance with their policies. This measure, and the fact that Google uses separate servers for conversion tracking and search results, protects the user's privacy.

Other advertisers may also use cookies. In general these remain valid and on your computer for 15 or 30 days so that if you make a purchase within this time we can earn a commission that helps fund the development of this site. A few advertiser cookies last longer than 30 days. The majority of out advertisers are linked through a reputable marketing solutions provider that does not use its technology for profiling customer use. We do not knowingly use advertisers that make inappropriate use of cookies.

Log Files

We do not maintain log files of information that enable us to identify individual visitors but we do monitor the site access statistics to establish the overall number of people that have visited the visit, which pages they visited and so on. We do reserve the right to track IP addresses in the event of suspected security breaches that affect the integrity of the site, the information it contains or customer information.


Links are provided to other websites in good faith; however, we can accept no liability for the content of those sites. We do not knowingly link to adult sites or sites that we consider offensive. Any inappropriate links brought to our attention will be investigated as a matter of urgency and will be removed if they breach our terms and conditions or our moral ethics code.

Surveys and Contests

We have no plans for surveys, giveaways or other contests but would not wish visitors to be denied the opportunity to win something should our more generous partners wish to donate a prize. However, all entrants will be free to choose whether they enter and separate conditions will be provided for each competition, survey, etc.

Registered User Information

Holiday-Buddies parent company is registered under the Data protection Act and complies with all measures to protect a member's information. The information provided by the registrant is used in two main ways. Firstly to ensure the person is who they say they are and that they are genuinely searching for a holiday companion. Secondly, we use the information to match the applicant with others having the same interest. Data is retained for a period of 12 months following expiration of the registration period for legal reasons and to expedite subsequent periods of registration.

Third Parties

We will not knowingly disclose or pass your information to any third party for advertising, solicitation or any other purpose for which it was not provided without your express permission. However, to facilitate introductions between potential members, we do need to pass relevant details on to other buddies so that they can talk and meet. This is done in a graduated manner in accordance with the preferences selected during registration.

Payment Information

We currently accept payment via PayPal or by special arrangement. On selecting the payment option, the registrant is taken directly to PayPal's secure system and is therefore safe and secure. We have no access to account information entered into PayPal. If, in the future, we offer alternative payment facilities, similar secure arrangement will be put in place and this Privacy Statement will be updated accordingly.

Information Collection and Use

All information collected on this site becomes the property of the site owners for the purposes of administering and running the business. The site owners are defined as the domain holder for the domain "Holiday-Buddies" and Solution Management Ltd, the operator of the service. No usage will occur other than that stated elsewhere in this policy.

Site Security

The general registrant data collected during registration via the Internet or by email are not sent by secure means. This does not apply to payment information, which is secure as described above. We do not believe this is necessary because of the general nature of the information requested and its relatively short shelf life. Please contact us directly if you have any concerns.


There are no plans to operate a newsletter on this site.


We do not operate a facility for 'emailing this site to a friend' so there are no privacy issues in this section. Of course, we are happy for you to tell your friends about the Holiday-Buddies and would encourage you to do so!

Special Offers

We may send you special offers from time to time but these will always be directly relevant to the Holiday Buddy service that you have subscribed to.

Site and Service Updates

We will advise you of all major changes to the service, this will include new services and facilities as well as planned down times.

Correcting/Updating Personal Information

We will happily update customer information to ensure its accuracy. In some cases, we may need evidence of the change to protect your security. In due course, an online system for you to check and update your own information may be provided.

Opt-In/Out Choices

It is not our intention to collect more information about our customers than we need to operate the service or to share the information you have provided to any external company. However, if this changes, all registrants will be given the option to opt out. We will endeavour to bind this condition on any Board or purchasing company should Holiday-Buddies ever be sold.

Notification of Changes

If it is necessary to significantly amend this privacy statement we will, if appropriate to the changes, advise members and offer them the option to opt out. The latest version of the privacy statement will always be available on this web site.

Updated 3 May 2015

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